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Robotmea Madrassa Program

After ascertaining the global markets and Pakistan with its enormous potential, Robotmea international has observed that madrassa students are the most vulnerable segment of the society and they are not playing any positive role rather becoming a burden on it.

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Robotmea Pakistan with the help of Regional Research & Curriculum Wing has developed customized solution for madrassas from pre-school till primary level to convert existing math and science theoretical subjects with interesting practicals. There are lots of researches made by different institutions in Middle East & Africa that Madrassa students take math and science subjects as the most boring subjects and don’t show any interest in it. Robotmea with the vision to encourage this segment driven by innovation has developed a complete package for madrassas through project based inquiry learning.

  • Robotmea junior robotic kit & clay
  • Student manual
  • Coach guide for teachers
  • Daily lesson plans
  • Yearly Planner